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Nov 9, 2018 | 13:31 GMT

1 min read

Turkey: Ankara Completes Acquisition of Second Drillship

What Happened: Turkish Energy Minister Fatih Donmez has announced that his country has acquired a second drillship, complementing a first drillship that is currently operating in the eastern Mediterranean, Reuters reported Nov. 9. Donmez has said the new drillship will explore potential targets in the Black Sea once it is operational.

Why It Matters: Turkish authorities have not confirmed when the new drillship will be ready for operation. While Donmez has announced that the ship will explore targets in the Black Sea, it is likely that it will also be used to stake out Turkey's presence in the Mediterranean Sea, where tensions are high over maritime disputes with Cyprus and Greece.

Background: Turkey's first drillship set sail for its drilling site off the coast of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea on Oct. 31.

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