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May 14, 2019 | 19:22 GMT

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Turkey, U.S.: Washington Asks Ankara to Delay S-400 Deliveries

What Happened: The United States requested Turkey last week to delay receiving the delivery of Russia's S-400 missile defense system, according to an anonymous source, Reuters reported May 13. Turkey will reportedly consider the request if the United States will grant Turkey's call for the establishment of a joint commission to examine the potential risks of the S-400 system to NATO and the United States.

Why It Matters: Turkey has repeatedly emphasized that it intends to move forward with the S-400 deal despite the concerns of its NATO allies, although domestic economic troubles may limit Ankara's willingness to confront the United States and other Western nations. The possible delay of the missile system's delivery indicates that Washington and Ankara may be involved in productive discussions.

Background: The delivery of Russian S-400 systems to Turkey is one of many areas of disagreement between Ankara and Washington, including the two countries' opposing positions on supporting Kurdish groups in the ongoing Syrian Civil War. Both sides are planning for a possible trip by U.S. President Donald Trump to Turkey later this year.

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