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May 14, 2019 | 14:07 GMT

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U.K.: Conservative Party Members Warn May of Split Over Cross-Party Brexit Deal

What Happened: More than a dozen members of the British Conservative Party have sent a letter to Prime Minister Theresa May to warn her of a potential split within the party over her plan to pursue a cross-party Brexit deal with the Labour Party, Politico reported May 14. In the meantime, May is considering holding a series of "definitive votes" on various Brexit options if talks with the Labour Party fail.

Why It Matters: Hard-line factions within both parties are making it increasingly difficult for the two sides to reach an agreement, as some Tories oppose a plan to keep the United Kingdom in the customs union, while hard-line Labour members wish to include a confirmatory referendum in an agreement.

Background: EU member states agreed April 10 to grant London a flexible Brexit extension until Oct. 31. The United Kingdom will be allowed to withdraw from the bloc earlier if the British Parliament approves a Brexit deal.

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