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U.K.: Johnson Plans to Suspend Parliament Again as He Offers New Brexit Deal

2 MINS READOct 2, 2019 | 22:06 GMT

What Happened: British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's office announced on Oct. 2 that Johnson again will ask Queen Elizabeth II to suspend the current session of Parliament so his government can "set out a fresh legislative" agenda. A statement from 10 Downing Street said Johnson wants to prorogue Parliament on Oct. 8 with a new session starting Oct. 14.

Why It Matters: Johnson's previous attempt to suspend Parliament was seen as an effort to thwart its ability to stop his Brexit plan. His latest announcement came as Johnson sent the European Union a new proposal for the Irish border, which has been a major sticking point in the Brexit process. Under Johnson's proposal, Northern Ireland would remain in the European Union's single market for trade in goods while it would leave the bloc's customs union along with the rest of the United Kingdom.

Background: The British Supreme Court ruled in September that Johnson's initial five-week suspension of Parliament was unlawful. His latest attempt to prorogue Parliament, however, fits with previous suspensions.

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