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U.K.: Queen Approves Johnson's Request to Suspend Parliament Until Oct. 14

1 MIN READAug 28, 2019 | 14:01 GMT

What Happened: Queen Elizabeth II has approved British Prime Minister Boris Johnson's request to suspend Parliament from early September until Oct. 14, the BBC reported Aug. 28.

Why It Matters: Johnson's request is set to limit the House of Commons' time for action to prevent a disorderly Brexit. Opposition parties and some breakaway members of the Conservative Party could introduce a no-confidence motion against the prime minister, as they agreed on Aug. 27 to hold such a vote after exhausting all legislative options to stop a no-deal Brexit. However, opposition parties and Tory legislators continue to disagree on a potential new prime minister if Johnson is defeated.

Background: Legislative options to prevent a no-deal Brexit are facing significant hurdles as Parliament doesn't have the authority to request an extension from the European Union. Similarly, a court challenge against Johnson's decision or a plan to convene Parliament for an extraordinary session are also unlikely to succeed. 

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