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U.K.: Scottish Court Won't Force Johnson to Ask EU for Brexit Delay

1 MIN READOct 7, 2019 | 13:23 GMT

What Happened: The Scottish Court of Session has ruled that it will not force the British government to ask the European Union for a Brexit delay, The Telegraph reported Oct. 7. The court said Prime Minister Boris Johnson has already agreed to abide by a law passed by Parliament to ask for an extension if no deal is reached by Oct. 19.

Why It Matters: Although Johnson has said he will comply with the law passed by Parliament, the prime minister has repeatedly emphasized that he won't ask the European Union for an extension, raising questions as to whether Johnson will renege on his promise.

Background: Campaigners who brought the case to the Scottish court have already said they'll appeal the ruling on Oct. 8 and ask the court whether it has the power to sign a letter asking the European Union for a Brexit extension if Johnson fails to request a delay.

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