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U.S., Palestinian Territories: IMF To Attend U.S.-Led Conference in Bahrain

1 MIN READJun 5, 2019 | 19:29 GMT

What Happened: The International Monetary Fund (IMF) confirmed that it, along with other international financial institutions, will attend the U.S.-led conference in Bahrain on June 25-26 to pledge its support for the economic aspect of the White House's Palestinian peace plan, Reuters reported June 5.

Why It Matters: The IMF's presence will likely help legitimize the Bahrain meeting (which the Palestinians have already shunned) by allowing the White House to showcase the replacement of U.S. aid to the Palestinian territories. However, corruption within the Palestinian government — as evidenced by a recent ploy by Cabinet members to boost their own salaries — will likely still hamper the success of additional aid in bringing peace to the region.

Background: International development bodies (such as the IMF and World Bank) often require structural adjustments programs to donor countries in order to make their aid more sustainable.

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