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Yemen: March on Presidential Palace in Aden Lays Bare North-South Split

2 MINS READAug 8, 2019 | 21:20 GMT

What Happened: The Aden-based Southern Transitional Council (STC) issued a statement on Aug. 7 during the funeral for STC leaders killed in a Houthi attack last week, calling on followers to attack the palace of President Abd Rabboh Mansour Hadi in Aden, Reuters reported. In the resulting protests, security guards at the palace killed at least two STC demonstrators.

Why It Matters: The disagreement between the STC and the forces of Hadi, who was forced out of the capital of Sanaa by the Houthis in 2015, represents a flare-up of the dormant north-south violence in Yemen and shows the potential for further deterioration in Aden's security amid Islamist attacks and intra-southern violence, especially after the southern Hirak movement excoriated the STC for targeting Hadi's government after the Houthi attack.

Background: The STC is tacitly aligned with the Hadi government in fighting the Houthis, but their partnership is fragile, given that the STC will demand greater autonomy in Yemen if Hadi eventually defeats the Houthis to regain control of the country.

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