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Zimbabwe: Public Sector Workers Hold De Facto Strike Amid Wage Devaluation

1 MIN READOct 16, 2019 | 13:12 GMT

What Happened: Zimbabwe's public sector workers have said they will be unable to report for work — which amounts to a de facto strike — amid an ongoing devaluation of their wages, The East African reported Oct. 15.

Why It Matters: If Zimbabwe's civil servants commit to a long-term strike, it could impair the country's ability to provide services and disrupt the government's basic administrative operations. Prolonged strikes also increase the risk of protests and violent crackdowns.

Background: Zimbabwe remains stuck in a foreign currency crisis, which has resulted in hyperinflation, undermining the wages of civil servants. Meanwhile, the cost of food, transportation and other goods and services has substantially increased, prompting public workers to demand raises. The government, however, lacks the funds to offer any significant wage increases.

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