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Colombian Peace Process

After five decades of conflict, the Colombian government is making peace with insurgents of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia and the National Liberation Army. And although the peace agreements they have forged will effectively reduce the threat of militancy and organized crime in the country, other illicit activities such as drug trafficking and illegal mining will continue largely unabated.

After five decades of conflict, Colombia is making peace with its rebel groups.
A provision to grant amnesty to FARC commander Ivan Marques and other leaders of the demobilized militant group under the peace agreement with Colombia has drawn opposition, especially in large cities in the country
A guerrilla in the National Liberation Army, Colombia's second-largest leftist militant group, keeps her rifle close during an interview with AFP.
Within the next several months, FARC will receive seats in the Colombian Chamber of Representatives.
Colombian United Self-Defense Forces (AUC) train Jan. 29, 2000, in the mountains northwest of Bogota. Though the group has officially been disbanded, its parts live on through Colombia's drug trade.
Much has changed in Medellin over the past 20 years.
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