Power Trip: The Story of Energy with Dr. Michael Webber

May 21, 2019 | 20:56 GMT

The geopolitics of energy and how access to and uses of energy play into a changing world order are the topics of Dr. Michael Webber's new book, "Power Trip: The Story of Energy" from Basic Books. Webber argues that the stakes are high, given that Earth is in the midst of a major climate transition even as developing countries seek better access to reliable sources of energy. Will the future be driven by clean energy or by fossil fuels? Just where the thirst for power will take us is a critical question for the next half-century, and one that will be answered, Webber argues, whether we are ready or not.

In this episode of the Stratfor Talks podcast, Dr. Michael Webber speaks with Stratfor Senior Global Analyst Matthew Bey about the promises and perils of a world in which vast transitions in energy use combine with climate change.

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