Pen and Sword: Capturing the Factions That Brought Down the Islamic State

MIN READApr 29, 2020 | 18:48 GMT


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In this episode of Stratfor's Pen and Sword podcast with Fred Burton, we speak with Dan Gabriel. Gabriel was just out of college when the terror attacks of September 2001 spurred him to action. He didn't join the military, though. Instead, he joined the CIA, where he worked in counterterrorism. And he traveled to Mosul and Afghanistan during both Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom, conflicts in many U.S. minds forever known as the ongoing wars in Afghanistan and Iraq. He returned to Mosul as a journalist and filmmaker just as a coalition of anti-Islamic State forces including everyone from governments to individuals was fighting to take back the city from the Islamic State. Gabriel's film is nerve-wracking but compelling, violent yet deeply sensitive. Subscribers to Stratfor Worldview can access deep libraries of information and forecasting on topics ranging from terrorism to risk to military capabilities to the fifth domain. 

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