Pen and Sword: The RANE Story

Apr 14, 2020 | 16:30 GMT

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In this episode of Stratfor's Pen and Sword podcast with Fred Burton, a conversation with David Lawrence. Lawrence is the Founder and Chief Collaborative Officer at RANE (Risk Assistance Network + Exchange). RANE brings together institutions and individuals to create a single risk management community. Lawrence tells the story of how he launched RANE after years of helping people solve seemingly intractable problems. RANE connects those in need of solutions with experts who can help through a technology platform that delivers efficient access to information and expertise to drive more informed decision making.

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Editor's Notes

Stratfor is a RANE Company. Because RANE is a network-based business, every time a new member joins or a question gets answered or a solution gets proposed, the whole network benefits, because each new member, expert, or piece of information increases the network’s overall efficiency and improves value for all. And that powers better risk management outcomes. To learn how RANE can help you manage long-term risk, visit ranenetwork.com

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