Problems Surround the EU-U.S. Free Trade Negotiations

Jun 20, 2013 | 07:00 GMT
Problems Surround the EU-U.S. Free Trade Agreement
A European flag stands between two U.S. flags in Lisbon.
(RAFA RIVAS/AFP/Getty Images)

On June 14, members of the European Union officially gave the EU Commission the mandate to negotiate a free trade agreement with the United States on their behalf. Formal negotiations begin in July, and both sides want to complete negotiations before the end of 2014. The United States and the European Union already have a fairly robust economic relationship. They are the world's two largest economies; they constitute 40 percent of the world's economic output; they have the world's largest bilateral economic relationship, which accounts for roughly 33 percent of global trade; and the United States is the European Union's largest source of and destination for foreign direct investment....

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