True Believer With Author Jack Carr

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This photo shows a military demolitions training exercise

This photo shows a military demolitions training exercise

(RICHARD SCHOENBERG/Corbis via Getty Images)

Studies show that the rapid flow of information about geopolitical events that affect humans, businesses and nations can leave people feeling bombarded, damaging their health and instilling a strong desire to tune out. On the flip side of that coin, too little information can leave them in a vulnerable position.

Information overload and information drought are threads that run through bestselling author Jack Carr’s new book, True Believer. The difference between who has knowledge and who doesn't helps form the basis for the second rip-roaring adventure featuring James Reece, the world’s most wanted domestic terrorist. The novel, combining terrorist attacks, market tailspins, holidays and vengeance — with a little strong-arming thrown in for good measure — has been called one of 2019's top thrillers.

Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton recently spoke with Carr about the book, a followup to 2018's The Terminal List, and about his career path from Navy SEAL sniper to outdoorsman to author.

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