Our Women on the Ground With Zahra Hankir

Aug 7, 2019 | 15:41 GMT

In a first-of-its-kind collection, editor Zahra Hankir curates a series of essays by Arab women, addressing subjects covering a breadth of their experiences, from entrenched cultural norms to sexual harassment to the West’s often toxic misperception of them.

Hankir, an award-winning journalist born in the United Kingdom to a family who fled the civil war in Lebanon, found herself mesmerized by the reports written by female Arab journalists during the Arab Spring. She reached out to those women, who put their lives at risk daily, to ask them to tell their stories. What she got in return ranged from deeply personal stories to their geopolitically intricate reporting for Western publications.

Stratfor Middle East and North Africa Analyst Emily Hawthorne recently spoke with Hankir about her life and this book and the multifaceted portrait it paints of a part of the world that is often misunderstood.

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