Red Metal With Authors Mark Greaney and Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV

MIN READJul 31, 2019 | 22:42 GMT

Mark Greaney and Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV discuss their new book, Red Metal.

The Russians aren't coming, they're already here — on three fronts to boot. That's the premise of Red Metal, a new book by Mark Greaney (author of the Gray Man series of thrillers) and Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV, who have written a gripping and realistic action thriller in which World War III emerges as a conflict between the West and Russia, which is desperate to gain control over the world's supply of rare earth minerals.

Combining cover-to-cover action that includes battles in the air, on land and sea, it's a book that had Stratfor Chief Security Officer Fred Burton hooked to the last page.

In this interview, Fred sits down with the authors to discuss the novel — and what they are planning next.

Authors Mark Greaney (L) and Lt. Col. H. Ripley Rawlings IV

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