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AssessmentsJul 10, 2019 | 10:00 GMT
 An Indian visitor walks past a mural of social media logos in Bangalore.
To Stake Their Claim in India's Future, Foreign Tech Firms Will Play by New Delhi's Data Rules
India's booming $200 billion digital economy has recently drawn U.S. tech giants into a heated confrontation with New Delhi over the core commodity of the digital age: data. In June, New Delhi's Ministry of Commerce met with officials from Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft to hear out their concerns over a proposed policy that would require foreign companies operating in India to store data locally. In addition to inflating their costs, these companies worry the law would loosen their grip on the data generated by the billions of Indian clicks, taps and swipes taking place on their platforms. New Delhi knows it can't bring its digital economy up to speed on its own, and will seek to balance avoiding deterring foreign participation against protecting Indian data. Ultimately, however, outside players will be forced to abide by the Indian government's rules. 
AssessmentsSep 15, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
An Indian man signs his name to use a makeshift ATM as a bank cashier looks on in December 2016.
As the Results Trickle In, a Mixed Bag for Indian Demonetization
In late 2016, India's government put in motion a bold experiment in demonetization. In a surprise address to the nation, Prime Minister Narendra Modi declared on Nov. 8 that banknotes in the most widely circulated denominations could no longer be spent and that those possessing the notes had until the end of the year to return them to banks before they became worthless. The move was both politically and economically risky, but the government deemed those risks worth taking, given its goal of downsizing the country's large, cash-heavy informal economy and its campaign against so-called "black money," either counterfeit or illicitly obtained notes that India asserted were aiding the funding of terrorists.
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