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AssessmentsNov 1, 2018 | 11:30 GMT
Brazilian supporters of populist candidate Jair Bolsonaro celebrate his presidential victory on Oct. 28.
What Bolsonaro Wants for Brazil and How He Will Try to Get It
During the two months before Brazilian President-elect Jair Bolsonaro takes office on Jan. 1, he will begin to fill in the details of a busy agenda that is shaping up to be a politically controversial one. Bolsonaro, who ran on a law-and-order political platform, wooed Brazilian voters weary of years of economic decline, growing crime and corruption scandals reaching the top echelons of government with promises to create stability and economic growth. While his policies to fight corruption are still works in progress, they likely will form a centerpiece of his presidency. Also at the top of his priority list will be satisfying voter demands for greater economic growth. To address those concerns, Bolsonaro will try to loosen regional trade regulations. Driven by his own ideology and the rising trade confrontation between the United States and China, Bolsonaro is likely to cast a more skeptical eye on Chinese investments in
Quarterly ForecastsMar 11, 2018 | 22:11 GMT
The White House will bump up against the laws of the United States and the central tenets of the World Trade Organization as it launches a global trade offensive in the name of national security.
2018 Second-Quarter Forecast
All eyes will be fixed on the White House this quarter as it launches a trade offensive whose collateral damage will span the globe. As economic and political pressure mounts against China, North Korea will use a temporary detente with the South to undermine the United States' containment strategy against it.
AssessmentsFeb 5, 2018 | 09:00 GMT
The window of opportunity for Argentina and Brazil to move forward with trade and economic liberalization policies is fast closing amid the prospect of political change in both countries.
Argentina and Brazil Race the Clock on Reform
For the economic powerhouses of the southern cone of the Americas, there's no time like the present. Argentine President Mauricio Macri's ruling coalition, Let's Change, made gains in legislative elections late last year, strengthening his hand in the pursuit of economic and trade liberalization that will allow Argentina to attract more foreign investment and benefit from possible transatlantic trade deals. And while Macri's counterpart in Brazil, Michel Temer, might not boast as strong a hand, the latter is also seeking to implement reforms that will open South America's largest country to more business. For Macri and Temer, however, looming elections oblige both to redouble their efforts on economic reforms before the clock strikes zero.
AssessmentsOct 26, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
Brazil's P-51 semisubmersible offshore oil platform was built to produce up to 180,000 barrels of oil per day.
Brazil Anticipates a Freer Economy and the Growth That Comes With It
After two years of recession and continued political instability, Brazil seems to be headed toward economic recovery. President Michel Temer, though currently under investigation for corruption, has been steadfast in his efforts to implement financial reform and lead his country down a path toward economic liberalization. And though the Brazilian government's leadership woes will only grow, Latin America's largest economy seems to have become somewhat capable of decoupling itself from political issues.
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