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AssessmentsSep 11, 2019 | 09:00 GMT
Military officials salute each other in a ceremony before Russia and China warships set out for a naval cooperation exercise.
For China and Russia, Common Interests Make for Closer Security Ties
As the saying goes, "the enemy of my enemy is my friend." And indeed, that dynamic seems to be the rationale that has brought Russia and China closer together amid their respective standoffs with the United States in recent years. The U.S. trade war with China and Washington's prolonged sanctions campaign against Moscow, for one, have driven greater economic and energy ties between the two countries. Russia and China have also coordinated their diplomatic positions to counterbalance U.S. interests and influence in areas such as Venezuela, Iran and North Korea. As a result, Beijing and Moscow have increasingly found themselves aligned with each other in the growing number of areas where they both stand at odds with Washington -- and increasingly, that includes security issues. But in the long term, Russian-Chinese security ties will ultimately depend on the evolution of each country's relationship with the United States and, thereby, with each other.
AssessmentsMay 24, 2017 | 09:00 GMT
Ukraine Breaks Another Link to Russia
Ever since the Euromaidan uprising in 2014, Ukraine has steadily chipped away at the political, economic and military ties between itself and Russia. Amid the ongoing conflict with Russian-backed separatists in Eastern Ukraine, a blockade of the separatist territories was enacted, driving the wedge between the countries even deeper. And now, the gulf has reached a new level with the decree, which entered force May 17, cutting Ukranians' official access to popular Russian-based internet services. Ukrainian internet providers were instructed to block access to social networks VKontakte and Odnoklassniki, the email service and the major search engine Yandex, and their parent companies will now face a number of measures, including asset freezes and trade restrictions.
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