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ReflectionsApr 6, 2017 | 23:50 GMT
A growing number of Russians today never knew life without President Vladimir Putin, putting the longtime leader in an unfamiliar predicament.
A Brave New World for the Kremlin
Every country faces generational change. Evolutions in technology, culture, social mores and global affairs can leave a gulf between young and old that neither can easily bridge. In Russia, that gulf is especially vast. As of this year, 27 percent of Russians were born after the fall of the Soviet Union, and that number will jump to nearly 40 percent within the next decade. The rising generation was never Sovietized. Most of them, moreover, are too young to remember the tumultuous 1990s, a decade of war, financial crisis and political disarray. Unlike the older generations, they don't recall Russian President Vladimir Putin's promises to save Russia or the measures he took to stabilize the country after its post-Soviet tailspin. In fact, they've never really known life without him. For Putin, the situation poses an unfamiliar challenge.
AssessmentsNov 4, 2016 | 09:18 GMT
Russian Ultra-Nationalism: A Monster of Moscow’s Making
Russian Ultra-Nationalism: A Monster of Moscow’s Making
By stoking these long-dormant sentiments, Putin has managed to shore up his power base and create a moral mandate for Moscow's domestic and foreign policy. Whereas the West could once accuse the Soviet Union of being a "godless nation," the Russian Federation can now claim to have God on its
AssessmentsOct 12, 2010 | 15:13 GMT
A Revitalized Far Right in Serbia?
The Oct. 10 clashes in Belgrade demonstrated stronger-than-expected organizational capabilities on the part of neo-fascist groups, which could pose a threat to the Serbian government and the wider Balkans.
ReflectionsApr 13, 2010 | 10:41 GMT
The Sympathy Gap
While Russia pushes its "charm offensive" following the Polish presidential plane crash, the United States' less expressive response reveals a possible "sympathy gap" between Moscow and Washington.
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