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On SecurityMay 19, 2016 | 08:06 GMT
In the recently published 15th issue of Inspire magazine, al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula exhorts its followers to carry out attacks against prominent businesspeople and economic leaders.
Inspiring Attacks on Economic Leaders
Al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula (AQAP) is aiming closer to home. On May 14, the group released the 15th issue of Inspire magazine. Like the magazine's previous two issues, the latest edition calls on jihadists who live in the West and operate under a leaderless resistance model to assassinate economic leaders, including policymakers, CEOs and company owners. But while Issue 14 provided instruction on attacking corporate leaders at work in its "Open Source Jihad" feature, Issue 15 offers a tutorial on assassinating business leaders at their residences.
AssessmentsSep 30, 2010 | 14:38 GMT
India's Commonwealth Games and Security Threats
Thousands of athletes and spectators will attend the Commonwealth Games in New Delhi, set to begin Oct. 3, but recent unrest in Kashmir could motivate a number of militant groups to capitalize on Muslim anger at the Indian government by staging an attack.
On SecurityJan 6, 2010 | 19:31 GMT
Jihadism in 2010: The Threat Continues
Al Qaeda prime will continue to be marginalized on the physical battlefield while franchise groups and grassroots operatives will carry the jihadist banner.
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