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AssessmentsAug 2, 2016 | 09:15 GMT
In Kazakhstan, Saving the State Oil Company May Devastate the Sector
In Kazakhstan, Saving the State Oil Company May Devastate the Sector
The minority shareholders of Kazakhstan's lucrative energy firm, KazMunaiGas Exploration and Production (KMG EP), will vote Aug. 3 on whether or not to sell their shares to the firm's parent company, effectively consolidating the two. The parent company, KazMunaiGas (KMG), is fully owned by the state and is involved in some capacity in most of the country's major energy projects, including Kazakhstan's largest oil fields, transportation firms, refineries and sales groups. In 2004, the Kazakh government established KMG EP to act as a separate exploration and production company. KMG currently owns 57 percent of it, but KMG EP has been fairly autonomous since its foundation, a fact that has at times put the two at odds.
AssessmentsDec 23, 2015 | 09:31 GMT
A Kazakh worker unloads oil at a terminal.
Kazakhstan's Energy Sector Will Find Relief, Eventually
Low energy prices, flat production, project delays and aging fields will continue to plague Kazakhstan's energy sector in 2016. However, a series of projects will be in development in 2016 that could give Kazakhstan a boost in production and exports by the end of the year and into 2017. These developments will not solve the energy sector's overall problems, which stem from low energy prices, but they will give Kazakhstan a slight reprieve.
AssessmentsDec 1, 2015 | 08:30 GMT
Kazakhstan Confronts Economic Uncertainty
Since 2000, Kazakhstan has greatly benefited from and has come to depend on its energy wealth. However, that dependence has hurt the Kazakh economy and will continue to do so in 2016. Astana will therefore promote dramatic policies in the hope of improving the Central Asian country's economic outlook and preventing social instability.
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