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AssessmentsJun 15, 2018 | 09:00 GMT
A lithium ion battery is on display at a technology trade show in the united states.
Why Cashing in on Lithium in South America Won't Be Easy
South America is home to a veritable goldmine. The mountainous border region shared by Argentina, Bolivia and Chile -- dubbed the South American lithium triangle -- holds some of the world's largest reserves of lithium, making it poised to rise in importance as the demand for the globe's "new oil" increases in the years to come. However, a host of political and regulatory risks, as well as logistical impediments, will hamper the development of lithium in the area, meaning the only country to fully benefit from the riches that lie beneath could be Chile.
AssessmentsJun 1, 2016 | 09:15 GMT
The Story of Steel in China
As the economy slows in the wake of the real estate boom, China's massive conglomerates are looking to overseas markets with steadier prospects for growth. Recent U.S. and EU tariffs have demonstrated the risk of exporting steel. Instead, several of China's massive steel companies have decided to build on their technical expertise to eventually become full-fledged multinational enterprises, albeit enterprises with the implicit financial backing of Beijing. In the end, the offshoring will not significantly reduce steel overcapacity -- the size of the production moved overseas is too small and, ultimately, Beijing needs to target small, local producers and not conglomerates.
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